The Hacker

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The Hacker
It was a normal day at MIT... Until @ceebee and @thisandagain announced that there was a hacker breaking into scratch servers. Being brave, Scratch Cat volunteered to go fix it. Little did he know what he would find...
- R to restart level
- Arrow keys to move
- You can wall jump
- Avoid incorrect code
- Some code is special...
- When you get to the animation, do ⌘+M to reduce a lot of lag. Ctrl+M if you are on a windows computer.
- Do not advertise here. If you advertise, I will most certainly delete the comment, but if you do it multiple times, I will report you.
- If you enjoyed this, please follow for more like it :)
- Inspired by @-frostyiceprincess-'s game, Copycat
- @ceebee for the scratch team art
- @ScratchCat for the MIT
- @griffpatch for the cat
- @FunnyAnimatorJimTV for the lip-sync
- @PullJosh for the code that I used for the ground
- All coding was by me!

12/14/17 - 2100 loves, 1600 favorites, slowly fading into the depths of trending xD
12/12/17 - 1900 loves, 1400 favorites, 5th on trending!
12/11/17 - 1600 loves, 1200 favorites, 3RD on TRENDING! O_O
12/10/17 - 1400 loves, 16000 views, back to 4th on trending! o_o Top remixed and Top loved! At the same time!
12/09/17 - 1200 loves, 14000 views, 6th on trending :D
12/08/17 - 1000 loves, 11000 views, 4th on trending, ahead of GRIFFPATCH? o_O
12/07/17 - 500 loves, sequel coming soon! :) 4th on TRENDING!
12/06/17 - 300 loves, top loved in a day! Thanks so much :)
12/05/17 - 100 loves <3
12/11/17 - Tried something out to make the animation smoother, not sure about it though...

12/06/17 - Some minor bugs fixed, changed the movement script to make it smoother.

12/05/17 - Project Shared

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