Burnout - a Game

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Notes and Credits

_________________ Welcome to Burnout_____________________
New game! https://scratch.mit.edu/projects/200908903/
-Select your Car by clicking the arrow keys
-Select the moon to activate night mode
-Click on the note to get Music selection
-Once started use the left and right arrow keys to guide your car along the track
-Press "p" to pause and unpause
-Leave a Love, Favorite, and Follow!
Notes and Credits
Music :
-Green Day, Revolution Radio
-Imagine Dragons;
Whatever it Takes
It's Time
Thanks to Google Images
Griffpatch for Car designs
raineoden for some Road help
Thats all Folks'
Signing off, @TheNiftyarrow
Want a fun hack?
**but remember, this is not what the game is suppost to be, when using this do not judge the game, if you want to judge the game, play it normaly. thanks.**

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