Chess v1.8.0

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This is a work-in-progress Chess game. If you look, it only uses one sprite and no clones for the pieces (and the Stop Stopper and settings things, but they don't count). It has 13 modes, which let you play Chess variations.
1. Normal (8*8) Chess.
2. Almost Chess, by Ralph Betza. Queens are replaced with Chancellors, which can move like a Knight or Rook.
3. Omega Chess, by Daniel MacDonald. With the Champion and Wizard.
4. Grand Chess, by Christian Freeling.
5. 16*16 Chess. More pieces!
6. 16*16 Chess, with new Alien Pieces!
7. Overkill Chess (32*32), with even more pieces!
8. Overkill Chess, except with new Alien pieces!
9. Io Chess, by Mark Hedden. All pieces (except for the King) can promote!
10. 64*64 Chess Beta! (Not all pieces are added yet.)
11. Maharaja and the Sepoys! Played in India, White's got a royal version of the Amazon in the King's place, no other pieces.
12. The Knight's Tour Challenge!
13. Querquisite Chess! New pieces (Querquisites) starting behind the King and Queen, can move determined by the file they're on! They're really fun to use, as a Knight then a Queen.

Notes and Credits

This is much faster on Sulfurous! Here!

Try the Beta of v1.9.0 here!

The changelog's too big for this measly character limit, so I now use a forums post! View it here!

For filling the squares in, I used a square filler, by @Zro716, who does some other really good stuff that I would use except most of my programs are too specialist (like my string interpolation). But I'm telling you to look at their profile. Other than that, I credit myself entirely for the programming and piece art.

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