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Forum Tower Defense
By: BoltBait

The forum has been overrun by smilies. Your job is to rid the forum of these pests by building towers to get in their way and to destroy them.

Based on Desktop Tower Defense as seen at



I will be posting various versions of this project to my test account so that you can see the progress of the project as I am building it. I will include notes describing what was added at each step. Once the game is done, I'll post to my main account.

Step 1: (3 hours)
I always start a project by creating the graphics. So...
-Design the stage background using graphics found at the Scratch Forums.
-Grab the smilies from the Scratch Forum.

Step 2: (2 hours)
-Made a graphic to hide the score frames
-Added some sound effects
-Bad guy graphic changes by level

Step 3: (2 hours)
-Wrote the script for the mouse
-Place Towers script written
-Towers can be upgraded

Step 4: (2 hours)
-Added karma costs to scripts
-Updated place tower script add to maze
-Updated bullet script to goto tower
-Added a few comments
-Wrote RecalcPath script (in normal mode it runs about 5 seconds, in turbo mode less than a second!)

Step 5: (3 hours)
-Fixed a bug in the place tower script
-Wrote creep script so it now follows maze

Step 6: (1 hour)
-Added more towers and creeps for testing
-Fixed a bug in the creep script

Step 7: (4 hours)
-Title page made
-Turbo mode detector written
-Wrote bullet script
-Fixed a few bugs

Step 8: (8 hours)
-Creep sprites duplicated
-Tower sprites duplicated
-Rewrote bullet script
-Bullet sprites duplicated
-Turbo Mode detector fixed (thanks to user "what-the")

With this upload I'm testing the bullet code. I know it wouldn't work with the Java player. I'm hoping it works with the Flash player. Otherwise, this will be a "download only" game.

EDIT: It worked!

The only thing left now is more testing and then balance the creep life levels vs. the bullet damage per level. The last thing to do is make the 'Game Over' screen showing the final score.

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