You Part 4

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The MAP is finished!

2/5 Ah! Thank you all so much for Top Loved, I really suggest looking at other parts for the MAP and supporting it when it's finished! <3

Thank you so much @RainbowCloud525 for hosting this MAP! I hope you like it! There's a note inside the project, in case I didn't code things correctly. Thank you for being so understanding ^.^

I noticed a lot of people using Dodie Yellow, which is a fun little nod to Dodie Clark, the song artist, but I went a complementary color scheme, purple and yellow. XD I don't think I did it right, especially once I added other colors, but I'll try to get better in the future! :)

I've been listening to a lot of Dodie's songs recently, and she's amazing! XD This part is inspired by her, like the colors, all the way to the lights on the wall. This is such a cute song, and I'm really excited to see the finished MAP!

I listened to the song over and over, so my interpretation is 'moving on' and ‘coming of age’ but I'd like to hear some of your interpretations of this part! :)

(oof it glitches sometimes, not sure how to fix it)

red string of fate

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