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Done with them finally. You guys have waited a long time and I hope you like them.
Mistystone, sorry I didn't shade yours. I wasn't in the mood for drawing when I did that picture.

Mousie, Sweetytarts was over when I started yours, and she wanted to try drawing it to. We both drew them on the iPad. The lump I drew on Mouse's head looks really weird, but I'm not going to fix it because I don't have to. |D

Recent art~
1st. My mother's day card
2. Iceblaze
3. Lupis
4. Amwolf's death
6. Ink-chan's b-day present
7. I was feeling emo .3.
8. Vixen (Scratch killed it)
9. Shard (charrie that exists only on dA)
10. Wolf Fang fanart
11. Ignorance
12. Thakur and Ratha (it reads: Yes Meoran. You believe the clanless ones are witless as well. Teach it to the cubs and see how the clan fares)
13. iScribble with Mousie
14. Wolf Fang fanart (drawn on iScribble)
15. iScribble with WWG
16. Moon Wolf thing
17. Robbie and Emberpaw
18. dA ID
19. Moment before Robbie got her scars
20. Inugami, the dog demon


The song is Unwritten by Natasha Bedingfield.

Programs used: Gimp, Sketchbook Pro, iScribble, Photoshop
Now it's time to bug you all with InuYasha stuff like I did on my last project! :D

Jenkotsu: Inuyasha, I love the ears. Give them to me.
Inuyasha: What is with this guy?
Me: Wait.....he's a GUY?! OH MY GOD, IT'S A CROSSDRESSER.


Speedpaints can be found on YouTube

And for better quality

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