Wheel curves 7b / Hjulkurvor 7b

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See inside

PRESS ONE OF THE NUMBERS 1, 2, . . . , 9 to see a pattern of wheel curves. Press shift+green flag for Turbo mode.
Press v, adjust the sliders for n and s, press v and green flag again:
- n is the number of curves (1-20)
- s is the scale factor
Use n=1 and not Turbo to look at the slower drawing of one curve.
If you want to interrupt the drawing of a curve, press red stop button and green flag.

Notes and Credits (added by dodekagonia)

- Four wheels with radii r1-r4, angular velocities w1-w4 and phases ph1-ph4. So far most of the wheel curve pictures I've drawn consist of similar curves ('similar' meaning 'having the same shape'). Here either some radii or some phases are changed at the end of the loop so that no two curves have exactly the same shape.
- See inside and explore the code. I've written a few comments in it hoping that you will explore more wheel curves and maybe remix - there are so many beautiful pictures to find =).
- See https://scratch.mit.edu/projects/170137290/ for animations of both wheels and curve, but just for some simple cases (unfortunately only with all phases zero).

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