Almost Heroes v1.7

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"You are a hero in-training and hope to become a legendary hero but one day you were coming back from the "Hero's Surplus Store" where you bought your new staff and sword and you got ambushed by evil ninjas and bandits trying rob you and you must fend them off."
[IN THE LOBBY USE ARROW KEYS TO SWITCH CHARACTER], [IN GAME] Use [ARROW KEYS], Press SPACE for a sword slash or staff whack, Press [DOWN ARROW] for a faster fall, and press the red button in the corner to switch wepons. DON'T GET HIT BY EVIL NINJAS!!!
Note: Don't try and stomp on ninjas that dosen't work XD
Survie as long as possible.
Plz comment any bugs you may have experienced

Notes and Credits

Major Updates here's one: When you get hit you have 3 seconds of invincibility!
Too hard try the hacked version:
Always Updateing with new heroes!
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Here it it:
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This is my first endless game and my first 95% pixel game.
This took me like a week to make and i worked really hard on it and on the characters. If you want me to make more games like this love and if you really liked this one favorite.
Or you could do both XD
Plz comment what your favorite character is! :)
Many of the character"s are names real scratchers!
If you have any character suggestions plz comment!
I may be able to make you a character if you ask! :)
Characters done by @chargedcreeper999 (me)
All excepct the ones by @billioninjoe
I make my characters in piskel.

Characters done by @billioninjoe
Ninja,Knight, Vecta Gamming and Scratch#1
Enemy ninja script inspired by @DarkLava
Shoutout to @BenSHIOTSU

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