100% Pen Snake Game

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This is a 100% Pen Snake Game. I've seen similar games to this before, but this is different than those. This game is a game where you play as the snake. You have to eat the circles. Be careful! You can only eat circles smaller than 1 divided by the size change speed (in settings) times your size! Use the mouse to control the snake. You may have a bad spawn and lose immediately. If that happens, restart with the green flag. The only costumes this use are the Game Over, thumbnail, settings, and You Win. Press o to show the settings.

**Creators of other games for inspiration**
**Scratch for the programming language and costume editors for Game Over, You Win, and the thumbnail.**

Thank you @asqwde for suggesting this to be featured! I've never had a project featured before! THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Bug fixed: dots appearing at wrong time
Added settings. Press o to show settings.
Added size change speed to increase play time. It is basically a difficulty slider. The lower the size change speed, the more difficult it is to win the game, but you will get a higher score. Size change speed setting suggested by @--Dovewing-- and @ImAKiwiBird.
Officially suggested to be featured 3 times! @formulate @asqwde @supersamuel25mc

100% Pen Snake Game #2 is unfortunately discontinued.

Comment, love, and favorite if you think this game is the best game in the whole wide world. (LOL! See @-Strife- to see why I chose that wording...)

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