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>Arrows & WASD to move.
>Z to skip a level
>Space: create a "thought". This thought will follow your exact path that you took to get where you are.
>Light pink background will delete a thought when it touches it. You can pass through it however.
>Red removes all thoughts currently in the game.
>White resets where your thought will start and kills all non-complete thoughts. That new location is marked with a white square.
>All thoughts end locations are marked by a white square.
>Get to the right side of the screen to complete the level.
>Due to common demand, I made it so that if you were where a thought would end, the thought gets deleted it it tries to become solid.

This platformer is all about thinking and problem solving. Your goal is to use as few "thoughts" as possible, while not getting stuck in thought. The highscore is in the top left, and your current score is in the top right. (I couldn't make it look any nicer. All the PTE's were laggy :( )

A little bit inspired by @TheNiftyArrow's game "Chase"
Music by Vexento
Life is full of mystery, and in order to find solutions, we must first know of the problem. We need to think. We need to create thoughts to bridge the gap of knowledge.
~Snow-cannon 2017

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