How to build a sprite from a very large image

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Thanks to B-Reyn428 and its very nice project and to Jens and its interesting way of creating a large explorable image by using four different sprites, I created a single very large sprite from a large picture.

You can explore the image by moving the mouse close to the borders of the Stage.

To create your "huge single sprite" just follow these directions:
1- follow B-Reyn428's directions in his project to create a very large sprite with the picture of the Scratch interface (don't care about this, we are going to remove the picture soon)
2- cut your very large picture in 480x360 squares (or smaller) as Jens did in his project (you can see the pictures in the 4 useless sprites contained in the project). You can do this with you favorite software, if you don't have one, I would suggest the free Screenhunter application.
3- edit the costume of the very large "Scratch interface" sprite and import the single pieces of the image you cutted in advance, then put them aside (the 1 pixel border around the images will disappear as soon as you close the editor)
4- done!!!

NOTE: Enlarging a large sprite is not allowed by Scratch. If you want to enlarge it you can use brinjal's strategy that he describes at (it works offline too)

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