100x100 tile map & mini-map position cursor

by JimmyC
See inside

Use the arrow keys to move around the 100x100 map.
Viewable area is 20x20 tiles. Each tile is 16x16 px

Feel free to REMIX to work on some of the TO DOs to
make it work the way you want.

Notes and Credits

TO DO / Project Ideas:
1. map boundary checking so you cannot move outside the
100x100 map (DONE!)
2. better assignment of land, water and grass so that they
look more natural and connected, like in Minecraft
3. Determine how big the full map can be. 100x100 is okay
but I tried 500x500 and it took too much memory.
4. Add a mini-map with a square cursor that moves around
the full map - so you can see where you are in the big
map (DONE!!)
5. Make the mini-map a tiny version of the full map
with all 100x100 tiles (DONE!!)
6. Add code so that you can save a map (no idea how to
do that! Maybe Scratch 3.0 will make that possible :-)
7. Build ability for user to modify the properties of a tile.

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