Lost Pages

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Welcome to Lost Pages! You are an old wizard who seems to have misplaced his spell book. You can't remember why the pages disappeared, or where they went, but you know that you need them back.
Arrows/WASD to move
>The top left number is the number of scrolls you have collected this level. The number under that is the scrolls there are in the level.
>Walk over a scroll to collect it and a blast of particles will shoot out of it.
>Once you have all the scrolls in the level, you need to go to your "book Binder" to complete the level. The first level will make it obvious.
>The little altars are checkpoints. If red dust comes out the top, you have activated it. Be aware that dying resets the scrolls that you collected up until the last checkpoint.
>Spikes kill you, as well as falling out of the world.
>P to Pause/Un-pause
Enjoy! If you want more, comment below, leave a love and a fav, and I'll make sure to create more amazing games like this :D
Programming: @Snow-cannon
Art: @Snow-cannon
Music: Castlvania II, provided by @Pyroaura
Beta Testing: @Spidertest
Working on #2! A new and updated engine, as well as an improved editor w/enemies!
If you would like to go into Edit Mode, press M
Press the up arrow to swap between groups of tiles, left and right arrows to swap between tiles in the group.
E to set the Spawn
Q to save the level
O to add another column (x)
K to remove a column (x)
I to add a row (y)
J to remove a row (y)
1-0 to quick swap tile groups. 11-12 are not quick swap-able (sand and you win).
Z to go to the previous level
X to go to the next level. If the next level is not yet created, it will auto-generate a 50x50 screen with 6 blocks of dirt on the ground.
N to get the save code for your new level.
B to load a savecode to the current level.
M to leave edit mode.
Post your level codes here! https://scratch.mit.edu/discuss/topic/284424/?page=1#post-2909289
I will be choosing some community levels (if there are any) for Part 2!
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