Unfinished Projects + ART DUMP!!

by Ixliora
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Ugh okay guys, I am SO SORRY for the hiatus!! Here's some unfinished work that probably will never be finished :"> All of these are at least a year old hhhh

1. Глупые письма meme! I love this meme and will probably be redoing it ^^ Nira had cheetah tear marks for a while lol

2. Unfinished MAP part for Tonight We Strike! :"> This was animated a tad but I lost motivation and never finished.

3. I'm a star MAP part :"> This was nice and aesthetic but I failed making her walk lol

4. kazoo kid MAP part! I was proud of Tigerclaw's face but I lost motivation

5.We Know the Way MAP part! The song from Moana :""> Those were new characters but ehhh

6.Data & Picard MAP part hahha I was super proud of the animation but got too burnt out to finish

7. I Lava You ~~ This was a new char and he was sad idk

8. A Meme for Message Man by 21 Pilots... Cheshi and I were gonna make it but we never did. All programming and art is mine ^^ sorry for the sudden noise...

Oof I'm so so so sorry for not finishing anything,,, I've ben struggling with motivation for so long hhhh

(Apologies for the poor quality; most of these were done on a 1920x1080 canvas rather than 480x360! ^^'

1. 3D Fullbody for @Pepperclaw
2. 3D Profile Bust for @thecheshirecrybaby
3. 3D Test XD
4. 3D Fullbody for @Zayzaril
5. 3D fullbody for @thecheshirecrybaby again
6. Old Adopt
7. For Valentine's Day hehe
8. Icon for Chesh
9. Splatoon art! ew I play Splatoon 2 btw,, hmu if you wanna play
10. Art trade
11. Art trade
12. Icon for @Zayzaril
13. Icon for an OC
14. Art for Pep
15. Art for Chesh
16. like 4 year old art ewww
17. Art of my OC of an open species (I forgot the name I'm so sorry)
18. Birthday art for Chesh
19. MORE art for Chesh
20. Art trade with @Guineadoge
21. REALLY OLD art of Lucy Carlyle from Lockwood & Co :'>
22. NEWER art of Lucy :">
23. Art of my teary boi Kai
24. More Kai
25. An Icon for @etchlee :>>> I love his Occcc
26. Oz haha

That's it ig
Ily guys,, hope to post something soon :"0

Song is On Melancholy Hill by Gorillaz and Operation Funk by Vexento

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