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3-10-18 ~ Thank you all for Top Loved! Please be sure to check out all of the animators and those who had interest in participating listed below! <3
3-17-18 ~ Off the front page! Thank you for supporting the MAP/all of the participants! And Happy St. Patricks Day! Stay lucky! <3

Wooo! I finally finished this MAP! :D So sorry it took me so long! >.< Some people went inactive, some dropped out, and I had other priorities to attend to before I could get back to this one O.o

I first opened this MAP on June 10, 2017 :) It took longer to fill (about 9 months >.<), and this MAP had 23 parts opposed to 15 like my Halloween MAP :0 (yet this one had fewer assets XD only 781 compared to the other having 984) It was mainly my fault for not getting this out sooner because I didn't prioritize my time and I was too focused on other things :T But I finally finished getting the parts together and I'm happy to say it is completed :D

I originally opened the MAP to celebrate my 300 follower special (and to replace my previous MAP) At this point in time, I have reached over 1800 :O Thank you all once again!! I never would have made it this far without you <3 I am so happy to be apart of the Scratch community, it is such a big part of my life :)

Back to the MAP, everybody did absolutely spectacular!!! I love how creative people are >w< They put good spins on each of their parts :D This is what I like about MAPs - It's good animation practice for everybody and it's such a great collaborative effort because there are so many different Scratchers working together to form something <3

This MAP didn't really have a set theme by me, but the song represents love towards ones special someone <3 Though some did incorporate this into their part :>

Thank you all to participated! <33 You all did amazing!! Please be sure to check out all of these people and possibly give them a follow, as they are all spectacular artists and animators :)

Thumbnail - @Purplekitten22
Intro - @Purplekitten22
Part 1 - @Katniss11120
Part 2 - @Technobeer
Part 4 - @Kitten_Gamer
Part 5 - @techriyadh123
Part 6 - @WintyMint
Part 7 - @sonicfan528
Part 8 - @BunearyBunny
Part 9 - @terapet1234567890
Part 10 - @Mythy_
Part 11 - @ActionGirl2005
Part 12 - @Ghost_Script
Part 13 - @EllaPHNT
Part 14 - @MellowWaters
Part 15 - @-BoingyBunny-
Part 16 - @RainbowCloud525
Part 17 - @-BitterSweet-
Part 18 - @summerii
Part 19 - @64felicity
Part 20 - @-Icicle-
Outro - @Purplekitten22

I'd also like to thank my backups :) Though some didn't get a part in this MAP, they were really helpful to me because of their interest to step up when in need ^o^ Please check them out as well :D -
Backups: @Technobeer @CoCotart @BunearyBunny @terapet1234567890 @GamerScottishFold @EmmaDeeDeeWhy @--KittyCatCombo @-BumblyBee- @razzberrypi @catnap_403 @WintyMint @Niamh- @-Icicle- @techriyadh123 @Flashthepegasus @hello_kitty67 @botmakerr3000 @RainbowCloud525 @MorgCartoons

I'd also as well like to thank those who dropped out for their own reasons because they still had an interest in the MAP and still deserve recognition <3 -
@TransFURmation @SparrowpawS @Gaster- @catnip2007 @CherriiBlossom- @GoldenSea- @GamerScottishFold @CoCotart @razzberrypi @Niamh-

I made the watermarks really simple so that it wouldn't go over the data limit <3 (I used text XD) I hope this is okay with all of you ^u^

Song - Way Back When by Grizfolk

Thank you all to participated, had interest in participating, and watching the MAP! I hope you all have a fantastic day ^u^

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