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Notes and Credits

Credit to eRKSToCK, Greatdane, whizzer, and others, for inspiration.

A lot of people have been making OSs, so I decided to try and make one myself.
I have already made 2 apps for it.

You can make your own app, too, either from scratch (I don't mean Scratch), or with my template which automatically supports the apps menu and the home button: http://scratch.mit.edu/projects/knector/1867220

Version 2.0
I added Messager. It's the red M ball icon in the taskbar.
Click it to bring up the Messager menu.

In the menu, there are more balls:
Green: Call someone (doesn't work)
Light blue: Add someone to your Messager friends list
Purple: Shows you your friends list
Orange: Check your messages

Anyway, you can't send anybody messages, but for fun, you will periodically recieve a randomly generated one which won't make any sense.

Example of a message on Messager:
tfjhghjhc^ hujkcx* hgbjnbm,nnckvjn."jjjhjh.

Now, you can also space-click the taskbar to make it draggable.
Space-click it again to lock it.

Also, I added a Shut Down option, and sound.

hjgkjcjhzj hzjk chckzhx.
- knector

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