8-Bit Game: Fix-It Phillip

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Hello and welcome to another fun and family friendly 8 bit game! If you've seen the movie Wreck-It Ralph, then you probably know what's coming.
Press Space to begin.
Use WASD or arrow keys to move Phillip around the grid of windows.
Press space to fix a crack in a window.
You can't move while fixing a window.
Fixing the first crack of a window will give you ten points, and fixing the second will give you twenty.
Beware of the bricks that fall; getting clipped by one will cost you a life.
Fixing all of the windows will take you to the next level, in which Ronald will likely have different attack patterns.

Notes and Credits

Credit to the fictional 80s game Fix It Felix Jr, which starred in the Disney film Wreck It Ralph. Aside of the discontinued app, Fix It Felix Jr was not a real video game in the 80s. It is actually a homage to Nintendo's classic Donkey Kong. The reason that isn't the game in the movie is because it would cost a ton of money to obtain the rights to have the game star in their movie.

I changed the title back for grammatical purposes, and because I really didn't like the "ph" one. :)

1/14/18 Featured!!! Thanks everyone!
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The reason it's Phillip instead of Felix is because Phil is one of my OCs and was used in several earlier projects along with his friend Bob, who doesn't appear in this game. I decided to change Ralph to Ronald for fun.

All music tracks come from @Homebrewer's Super Mario Odyssey NES game.

Sound effects from Donkey Kong and @hmnwilson's 8 Bit Music Maker.

Report any glitches that you may encounter.

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