Hex Minesweeper - Medium (1.2)

remixed by DarthPickley
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Notes and Credits (added by DarthPickley)

Works in flash

I also added a feature of auto fill-in. It is sort of like an AI of randomness for discovering new places where spaces are. It also helps a lot if you help it out with the mouse.


.: Object :.
Flag all mines and reveal all cells which are not mines

.: Setup :.
Each cell is either a mine, or a safe cell.
For safe cells, it is either blank or has a number on it. If it is blank, that means it is not touching any mines.
If it has a number, then that number tells how many mines it is touching.

.: Revealing :.
Click on a cell to reveal whether it is a mine (oops) otherwise how many mines it is adjacent to. Also, if you mouse over a cell which is next to a blank, it will aid the automatic blank area revealers.

.: Flagging :.
To flag a space which you strongly believe to be a mine,
mouse over the cell and then press Space.

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