Adventures in Bayclan

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Welcome to Adventures in Bayclan!

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Please read everything below! (you'll regret it if you don't)!

- Double-click the green flag
- Make sure you spell your gender right. If you don't, you wont be able to progress correctly
- When your mother asks what to name you, only put the prefix (ex. Raven, Storm, Moon).
- If you're incredibly slow as a kit, keep restarting until you're relatively fast. If you're still agonizingly slow, it's because your computer can't handle the game

- Arrow keys to move around
- Move to pawprints to go to a different place
- To get into the dens at the fourth part of camp, click on the holes in the cliff. To get out, click on the hole in the bottom left corner.
- Click on colored arrows to get to places inaccessible by walking

- Click on cats to speak with them
- When hunting, press space whilst touching a piece of prey to catch it
- When fighting, press space to attack
- Click on the green blob in whichever den you're staying in to sleep
- Press M on your keyboard to view the map
- Press C on your keyboard to view character information

---------------------Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)------------------------
Q. How do I start?
A. I'd recommend you read the starting screen again, thoroughly

Q. How do I raise my health/strength?
A. Train. See below

Q. How do I train?
A. Speak with Goldenpaw when you're old enough

Q. Why can't I speak to Goldenpaw?
A. You spelled your gender wrong

Q. How do I gain knowledge?
A. By talking to your mentor or listening to elder stories

Q. What does knowledge do
A. Nothing, really

Q. Can I re-battle Burnstar?
A. No. There are other battles to be dealt with!

Q. Why am I so slow?
A. As a kit, you're quite slow, but you eventually get faster. If you're still slow as an apprentice/warrior, your computer isn't powerful enough to process the game

Q.When is the Gathering?
A. Day 10

Q. Who can I be mates with?
A. Rosepaw or Specterkit if you're a tom, and Goldenpaw or Flamepaw if you're a she-cat

Q. Can you make it so that Burnstar/Batlight doesn't kill me?
A. No. They said that they would kill you, so why would they hold back?

Q. What happens after I beat Burnstar?
A. If you have a mate, you get a kit

Q. What happens after I have a kit?
A. He/she goes to the nursery the next day, you can battle Batlight, you can battle Moonstar, go into Mountainclan (on day 14), and eventually train your kit

Q. Does your kit grow up?
A. Yes!

Q. Can I become the leader/can you make it so that I become leader?
A. No, not in this game. You'll just have to wait for the sequel to come out ;3

Q. Can you add a walking animation?
A. No. That would cause too much lag

Q. Can you make it so that I can choose my pelt color?
A. No. This game is about the life of a specific cat, and I don't want to have many different cats

Q. Can you make it so that I can become a medicine cat?
A. I can't really. Since there is already a med. cat and apprentice, Silentsong cannot take in any other apprentices, and I can't kill any of them off because they're important to the storyline in the sequel

Q. Can you add a saving option?
A. If I knew how to, I probably would ;~;

Q. Can you add more mates?
A. I'm not sure who could be a new mate other than Fawnpaw, and she's not a very good candidate

Notes and Credits

Change log

-Added a lot of cats!
-Cats now have animations
-Added more areas
-Moonstar says different things.
-Added apprentice and warrior ceremony
-Kit form now goes slightly faster
-You can hunt

-Elder stories works
-Number of days variable is now shown.
-Added moss ball mini game
-Added sleeping
-Fixed name glitch
-Added Goldenpaw and his warrior ceremony

-Added battle training
-Added Rosepaw and her ceremony
-Added apprentice den
-Fixed ceremony glitch
-Fixed mate glitch
-Added Mountainclan
-Added another elder story
-Added Medicine cat den, Silentstorm & Berrypaw

-Added arrow to get out of Mountainclan
-Added gathering (work in progress)
-Changed Burnstar's battle theme and health
-Fixed not visible in battle glitch
-Added different sprites for gathering
-Added Honeystar

-Added Rainpaw, Reedstar & Brownscar

-Added Brighteyes
-Fixed Invisible Burnstar battle glitch

-Added the possibility of having Eagleheart as your mate
-Fixed Burnstar battle glitch

-Added possibility of having a kit

-Added the possibility of having Wavecrash as your mate
-Fixed kit following you glitch
-Fixed invincibility glitch
-Fixed getting stuck in Mountainclan glitch

-Fixed new sleeping glitch

-Deleted some possible suffixes
-Changed what your mom says

-Mother says "are you a she-cat or a tom?" instead or "are you a girl or a boy?"
-Redrew lots of characters

-Redrew fighting sprites

-Fixed a couple glitches

-Corrected a couple typos
-Stopped Moonstar from calling a meeting on Day 9
-(Hopefully) fixed the "having a kit during a battle" glitch

-Redid Burnstar's battle sprite
-Redrew day/night cycle
-Made day/night cycle shorter
-Kit grows one day. She's with your mom in the nursery!
-Mother says more
-Fixed a couple of minor glitches
-Made the bed more warrior-like
-Your mate can now have a kit if you are male

-Added a cutscene for Burnstar battle
-Redrew Fawnkit and gave Specterkit a better design

-Kit no longer disappears from nursery

-Removed the possibility of having Brighteyes, Wavecrash, or Eagleheart as your mate
-Removed the minigame with Specterkit
-Added Flamepaw's warrior ceremony
-Added Flamepaw as a mate possibility

-Added a new area
-Added Robinwood & Amberfoot
-Added a death screen if you get defeated by Burnstar

-Added battle training with Amberfoot
-Fixed a couple typos
-Fixed Flamepaw floating in middle of screen
-Changed some of the area designs
-Added Hightail & Warrentail
-Added a map
-Fixed being able to have Flamepaw and Goldenpaw as your mates at the same time
-Added the character sheet
-Added knowledge
-Fixed a couple of typos

-Added Swiftriver
-Specterkit grows up with you
-You can now be mates with Specterkit if you're a tom

-Changed Burnstar's theme!
-(Hopefully) Fixed randomly dying after Burnstar battle

-Fixed glitchyness after Burnstar battle
-Added battle with Moonstar & Credits screen. You can fight her on day 9 or later
-Fixed mate glitch with Specterpaw
-Fawnkit grows up
-Added some elder stories, and now you choose which one you want to hear

-Added battle with Batlight on day 9
-Changed battle with Moonstar to day 10
-Screwed around with Goldenpaw/Amberfoot's battle backdrop

-Fixed a couple small glitches
-Redrew Burnstar's minions

-Redrew Silentsong & Berrypaw
-Cleaned up some code
-Mother says different things
-You need to spell your gender twice

-Added the suffixes "blood" and "echo"
-(Hopefully) fixed getting the death screen when Moonstar beats you

-Redrew some backdrops

-Made the main character less glitchy
-Replaced bands of colour with paw prints
-Updated instructions
-Fixed a couple typos
-Added seasons
-Redrew playable character, Moonstar, Eagleheart, Brownfur, and Wavecrash
-New thumbnail!

-Started remaking combat animation

-Remade combat animation
-Redrew most cats
-Redrew Batlight's battle picture
-Fixed Rosepaw
-Remade Mountainclan rain
-Fixed mother always asking you to respell your gender

-Fixed Amberfoot

-Cleaned up some code
-Added a Mission Log
-Added the Gathering

-Fixed Amberfoot battle

-Added fresh-kill pile

-Updated some art

-You can either have Lilyflower, Robinwood, or Brighteyes as a mentor
-Your kits grows up

-You can go into Mountainclan on Day 14
-Moonstar battle is now on day 15
-Moonstar battle is way more difficult
-Rosepaw's more interesting

-Redrew a couple backdrops

-Removed the mission log and replaced it with the welcome screen
-Redrew some stuff

-Alright, so progress on this game is officially stopped. I will no longer post updates, as a sequel is coming. I may redraw a couple sprites every once in a while, but that's it

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