~ Stranger Things Rap MAP ~ Part 1

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This is an amazing rap by Millie Bobby Brown, who plays Eleven in Stranger Things. Stranger Things is a Netflix original series, and Eleven is basically the coolest character ever created. She raps this song as a season 1 recap, before the release of season 2. The Parts are in the notes and credits.

- Please have your part be Stranger Things related :P

- There are 9 parts available. One part per person. Please comment which part you may want. :)

- I will do both the intro and the ending credits, so if you get part 1 or part 9, don't worry about giving the credits of the project.

- Please LABEL all of your sprites/backgrounds according to which part you have. e.x. if you are Part 3, your background/sprite names should include "Part 3".

- If you've read all this, you are radical. In the comments please share the keyword "rainbow"

- Please also provide links to some animations you have done in the past.

Notes and Credits (added by PokemonScratch101)

Credit to:
@TheOnceler- for the MAP and costume1
Millie Bobby Brown for the rap
The Duffer Brothers
Stranger Things
http://makeitstranger.com/ for "The Onceler" font
Me for most art
Dungeons & Dragons

Made in SVE and SBE
I tried bitmap art and failed xD. The D&D is just an image that I edited

In the "four boys in the basement", I took an image of the basement from Stranger Things. From left to right, the boys are

Lucas (I'm most proud of this drawing)
Will (He looks like he's from the medieval times :'P)
Mike (He looks good)
Dustin (The hat is iffy but the rest looks good)

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