~ God Bless the USA ~ Veteran's Day Lyric Video ~

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Press the flag a few times for the timing. Close any other tabs or else LAG (and timing is thrown off)
This took me a while, I'd very much appreciate it if you love & favorite this :)
For all the soldiers around the world, despite the name of the song :)
Let's take a moment of silence for the brave soldiers who fought bravely for your country.
Double-press space to turn the confetti on/off :)
Happy Veteran's day, everyone! This song is called "God Bless the USA" because I had no idea what else to use, but enjoy even if you're not an American!
There are thousands upon thousands of soldiers all across the world who chose to risk their lives and fight for your country, and they're so brave to do so. I cannot IMAGINE me doing that, but these soldiers are the reason we are safe today. There's a war going on in the Middle East because of terrorists, and I'm so grateful that no one I know has been affected by any of the terrorist attacks in the USA. These are the REAL heroes in our world. Not Superman or Batman, it's these brave soldiers. I'm so thankful there's people trying to protect the US (and other countries ;) ) every day. Veteran's Day is where we celebrate these AMAZING soldiers. My grandfather (thankfully, he's still alive :'3 ) worked for the Army, he didn't fight, but he still helped our country. These heroes are NOT appreciated enough. If you know someone who fought bravely for our country, thank them today. They deserve it. Maybe, one day, if you feel up to it, you could fight for your country like all of these AMAZING people. Veterans, your work has NOT gone unnoticed :'3
The timing at the end is off, sorry!

Time taken ~ 14hrs
Art ~ 7 hrs
Timing ~ 4hrs
Confetti ~ 1 hr
Other ~ 2 hrs
Credit to Lee Greenwood for the song "God Bless the USA"
Google Images for the images you see
Wikipedia for the US flag
@PokemonScratch101 for the art (and horrible handwriting :P)
@-Hamstr, @littlewolf150, @21packa, @HehtorOCH, @razzberrypi, @Procyan, @Girly-Ish-Tomboy2046, @LegendarySquidKid, @ceebee*, @TheOnceler- and @CatClimber for being amazing in general :)

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