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"Look Mum, no costumes!"

Just testing out rendering photo-realistically (i.e. from a picture). This isn't my best or most complicated project really, so I'm not entirely sure why it was curated by thanks a lot anyway :)

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I've got some more tests based on this here:
How it works
Each pixel has 24 bit colour depth (ie 8 / 255 combinations (2^8-1) for each of red, blue and green.

Only one image can be stored in the project at a time due to limits on the server side - large lists will not save, so I have to package them into a variable, then unpackage on project load, but Scratch will only let me store ~200,000 character's long variables, which is a bit more than a 480 by 360 image (which is ~155k).

A few other image data can be found at the below links, and imported into 'image1', the rendered using the script marked 'render image (480x270)'



Only one image can be stored currently due to the 2.5mb project json limit

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