Galactic Rush

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Tysm for 1000 loves! For that, I made an easy/hacked version:

Zoom around space and interact with things like portals, keys, accelerators, ice, mud, and bouncers to beat each level!
Press M at any time to return to the Menu!

The levels start out extremely easy, but get brutal near the end.
If you're having trouble winning a level, take it more slowly!
How many levels were you able to beat? :D
I've beaten all but the last two (I reset all my scores before I shared this though, that's why the 3rd to last level record doesn't show up.)

Warning: You may only hold the highscore on 5 levels. If you already have 5 records, it will discard any others! Also, if you tie with an already existing highscore, you will replace it. This way, there are no records that are "unbeatable". If your score doesn't stay saved, I'm really sorry, cloud data on Scratch isn't very reliable. I may have to reset one or all scores if something goes wrong. As a final note, I know it says it's measured in seconds, but it's actually in frames/30 to ensure that nobody has an unfair advantage/disadvantage.

The replay idea is from a project by @TheNiftyArrow
The music is by deadmau5. I got it from a project by @joshrawesome. Some art was taken from random places off of google images. I have no idea who made them originally. :P

Note: All of the levels are possible. Even if it says that nobody has beaten a certain level, I'm positive that it can be done.

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