Lost and Found Completed MAP

by Niamh-
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Lost and Found Completed MAP

" feeling like you're different and you don't fit in anywhere (lost and found) but suddenly it all makes sense when you're with this person, whoever it may be. " - @ivypool2

" No matter what happened, no matter the difficulties, we should be able to accept one another as beautifully flawed humans. "
- @EllaPHNT

The song used for this MAP was in fact an original song by one of the amazing scratchers in our community, @ivypool2 . A huge thanks to Ivy for creating and singing this song and to all the wonderful talented animators that contributed in creating this MAP.

Putting together this MAP was a struggle once I reached the data limit. I do apologise if anyones part was converted to bitmap or if the background or anything like that was changed slightly. I'd also like to apologise to @iizeraii , i wasn't able to fit her part in since her part went over the data limit with just the original part so here is a link to her part 18: https://scratch.mit.edu/projects/191199320/

Song - Lost and Found // By @Ivypool2
Host - @niamh-
Thumbnail - @ivypool2
Intro Inspired by @ivypool 's intro to an AMV

Part 1 @Niamh-
Part 2 @-Chewri-
Part 3 @Teecee
Part 4 @Koukla_20
Part 5 @catnap_403
Part 6 @_MockingJay_
Part 7 @AztecRose
Part 8 @BunearyBunny
Part 8.5 @mythaci
Part 9 @purplewolves & @-Chewri-
Part 10 @RainbowCloud525
Part 11 @SCeevee8
Part 12 @Yayme123552
Part 13 @-Galaxii-
Part 14 @EllaPHNT
Part 15 @ivypool2
Part 16 @Purplekitten22
Part 17 @MarshmaIIows
Part 18 @iizeraii
Outro @Niamh-

A huge thank you to these amazing animators, you all did an excellent job and i loved every single part :)

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