map ''let it go,, backups open :get your parts ; remix

remixed by PokemonScratch101
See inside

ehh I have 99 views ahhhhhhh [ so happy] just one more to 100 yaaaa thx soo much
yaw 100 views
115 ok guys map this is my first ever hosted map i am so exited ok so it is ''let it go
from frozen disney . so i was thinking i sould host a map so i come up with this song there are 21 parts. go insilde the project to find parts ok now to rules


1.if you want a part just ask which part you want and tell code word

2.only 2 parts per person

3. and no effect block etc

4.amv and pmv are both ok [code word elsa ;-]

5.this song is a sad and confident so the first 6 or 7 sould prefer grey or night background

6.just ask after taking one part if you want more parts as i already told you 2 or 3 parts per person and do each part in each projects

7.plz vector no bitmap

8.plz remix this project

Notes and Credits (added by PokemonScratch101)

Welp this is overdue BUT HERE! The art is blockshading, took me way too long :P

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