Scratch's Haunted Adventure v1.5

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Notes and Credits

Scratch's Haunted Adventure
-Click the green flag to play
-Press the start button
-Choose a level. Be sure to play Pumpkin Fields first if you don't know how to play
-Follow the signs in the game to see the instructions
-Collect the keys to finish the level

-Huge credit goes to @griffpatch, for inspiration based on his scratchnapped game, his basic platformer tutorial, and his scratch cat sprite:

-Credit to the amazing Nintendo game Super Mario Galaxy for a lot of ideas on level designing and the music.

-All other programming and designing was done by me, @Spidertest
About the Project:

It is a massive scrolling platformer, with moving platforms and enemies. It took a lot of time, mainly to design the levels and stuff. Unfortunately, I barely got any time to work on this, so only four levels can be played at the moment, but I am going to add more soon. I also plan on adding water in which scratch cat can swim. If there is time, I also want to add a boss fight. Anyway I hope it is still fun to play with these four levels, and if you enjoyed, you can check out some of my other games:

v1.5- Increased the speed of the racing cat, so the level should be harder now.

v1.4- New level Racing Cat with a new enemy. Race your way to the key!

v1.3- Many small improvements to the game, such as increased friction and speed of the cat, better AI for the enemies, and a new thumbnail, along with some glitch fixes.

v1.2 - New level Spider Cave with new enemies and platforms including spiders, ladders, ground pound platforms, lava and much more!

v1.1 - Changed the way levels are displayed. Now it loads much faster.

v1.0 - Initial Release

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