☁ Cloud Vote [Sports Edition]

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Welcome to the 5th installment of Cloud Vote! All about sports!
The next one will probably be about books and movies. Got any questions I could add to that?

IMPORTANT: When I say "Football", I mean American Football. And when I say "Soccer", I mean Football like with your feet. Don't get confused. xD

Also, I'm using the term "sport" loosely. For example, things like fishing and hunting aren't always sports, but they can be so I included them. Pretty much anything sports related I included.

A final message: I'm really not a sports person, so on some of the questions I don't even know what it's talking about. If you think one of the questions is dumb, I put it in because I have no idea what I'm doing here. Sorry and thanks for understanding! xD

Notes and Credits

M to mute! (Credit: cool101tv for the idea)
Thanks to @4m28nt for the project theme idea!
Thanks to @GLECK, @Kirby_Sonic, @TheDwagonMaster, and @pbj063 for suggesting questions that were used in the project!
Thanks to @theChAOTiC for the pen text engine!

Remember, if there's a question that you don't know a good answer to, or that doesn't apply to you, just skip it!

The results shown are all real answers from people all over the world, so it'll be cool to see what people think! :)

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