Mind Reading Cookie

See inside

Yes, this is a mind reading cookie.

How to use:
Click the green flag. Then, choose a whole number from 0 to 99. Whatever number you want! Next, add the digits from your number together. Subtract the total from the original number. Lastly, remember the letter next to your final number. Then click the cookie!
For example: Let's say you picked 83. 8 + 3 = 11. Then you would do 83 - 11. That's 72. You would remember the letter next to 72 and click the cookie.

Notes and Credits

Made this with some help from @LightningGuy (he helped work out a few bugs, and showed me the original flash mind reader).

Cookie image is from cookie clicker.

After trying it a few times, you can see how it works. http://goo.gl/j0pdnk

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