ALL of Inktober 2017 in one drawing

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Four people SWIFTly ran across a DIVIDED bridge, escaping a POISON stench, from a monster that was UNDERWATER, the tongue if the creature was LONG. One of the people has a SWORD, and one of the people was SHY of making the jump to the CROOKED bridge.
The SCREECH of the GIGANTIC monster was deafening, RUNning with a SHATTERED sword, they escaped the waters that were TEEMING with creatures, the FIERCE creature was MYSTERIOUS and FAT, one of the people was a GRACEFUL skater, escaping from the FILTHY CLOUD.
The bellowing monster in the DEEP was FURIOUS, and was on the TRAIL of the JUICY humans, BLIND though it was, it sunk 4 SHIPs.
The humans had with them a SQUEAKing mouse that CLIMBed the ropes that they almost FELL from, coming out of their UNITED boats.
The mouse had a gem that had been FOUND by one of the humans in a MASK.
And that is all of inktober 2017.

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