Spooky Run (v1.32)

See inside

On no! Things have gotten really spooky around here. Dodge witches, zombies, vampires and more in your quest to consume as much candy as humanly (or inhumanly?) possible.

- Use the Arrow keys or WASD to move, and jump. Press down to fall quicker.
- Collect candies to increase your score
- Smash enemies for more score and an extra jump boost
- Press SPACE or R to quick restart
- Check out the options menu for handy... options.

Notes and Credits

" Previous game! > https://scratch.mit.edu/projects/178966496/ "

This was just a small game made to celebrate Halloween, more will be added if people enjoy it :D (more characters, obstacles, stuff in general)

> Can you get all the achievements? Its hard so good luck!

- All art by me, made in Photoshop and scratch
- Rain effect modified from google
- Spooky Scary Skeletons (8-Bit NES Remix) by rakohus
- Other music by PhatboiJ and Chronamut from newgrounds
- SFX made with chiptone

6/05/2018) (v1.32) - New secret character!

(5/04/2018) (v1.31) - New nightmarish character!

17/02/2018 (v1.3) - Theme expansion! Added 2 new characters, and 2 new themes which will randomly be selected. Also some graphic additions in the 'game over' screen.

15/02/2018 (v1.26) - Added a new Pharaoh character!

20/11/2017 (v1.25) - Added a new award and character! added the ability to press space to start at the main menu, as well as using movement keys to select your character more efficiently, + fixed a few out of place pixels.

14/11/2017 (v1.2) - Added 3 more characters! The clown, skeleton and demon!

1/11/2017 (v1.12) - Added more costumes, optimised scripts and fixed a bugged award. + Added option to make candies flash, making them easier to distinguish + you now earn more score the higher combo you get on enemies.

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