[CLOSED] Jump Up, Super Star!

See inside

O mah gash this map is finally done :P

Notes and Credits

Here is the video made by TheLivingTombstone: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1bZtCt_Siro
The font in thumbnail is Raleway B by @fontgod
This is my first MAP <3 hope it goes well
Parts 9,10,11,12 are all music, so be creative with those :)
Intro: Me
Part 1: @Coding95 [FINISHED]
Part 2: @Coding95 [FINISHED]
Part 3: @Coding95 [FINISHED]
Part 4: @blobbyfish123/SprinklesTheCatXOXO [FINISHED]
Part 5: @willowsea [FINISHED]
Part 6: @Stargirl46 [FINISHED]
Part 7: @LemonaideIsTheBest [FINISHED]
Part 8: @GamerGurls12 [FINISHED]
Part 9: @PeacefulDemon [FINISHED]
Part 10: @westeriamoon [FINISHED]
Part 11: @PeabodyTheGenius [FINISHED]
Part 12: @yonah5 [FINISHED]
Part 13: @Stargirl46[FINISHED]
Part 14: @sparklechu169 [FINISHED]
Part 15: @pinkdiamond123 [FINISHED]
Part 16: @Raspberry-Zapp [FINISHED]
Part 17: @Yellow_Monkey [FINISHED]
Part 18: @Twyrch [FINISHED]
Part 19: @Diamond_Miner590 [FINISHED]
Part 20: @MoonshineWolves [FINISHED]
Outro: Me

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