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Missiles!: A vector, fast-paced, dodging game where your objective is to gain points by collecting stars. Missiles start off slow, but they transform to become faster and better. Cause them to collide so they explode!
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So far 1 new plane is released!
In-game (visual) instructions are available by hovering the mouse over the green question mark (?). Designed so users of ALL origins can enjoy this game.
Helpful tips
- Let the missile come close and then turn quickly to make it circle
- Collect a ★ to get +5 score
- Some missiles are faster than others, take advantage of this to make them collide and explode!
Missile classes:
- Basic grey: They're slow but don't take them lightly!
- Quick blue: Faster than grey, still easy to dodge
- Arrow: Black, pointy missile than can easily catch you off guard!
- Wasp: Black and yellow missile designed to annihilate the high-scorer
I first started working on this project on July 29, 2017. After four months of hard work, it is finally finished. With smooth vector graphics coupled with clever pen use, Missiles! is finally released.
Recent Changes:
- Made game easier by reducing missile spawn time
- Reset world record because of glitch exploit
Programming: @AiyanMind
Art: @AiyanMind
Music: Brand X Music - World Without End
Concept: Based off Missiles! game by Macaque on your App/Play Store

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