Mario Engine

See inside

The newer version is here!

Controls: Arrow keys to move, a to run, and s to jump. Scroll down for extra controls.

- Full collision
- Gain speed to jump higher
- Move slower when going backwards in the air
- Record replays! (scroll down)

How to record:
Click the green flag while the "replay" variable is at 0 and it will record. When you're done recording, stop the project. Then, set the variable to 1. Click the green flag again, and it will replay what you did! If you want to delete your recording and make a new one, set "replay" to 0 again and click the green flag.

Notes and Credits

The music during replays is called "Mario Worker", but I don't know where it's from. Credit to Nintendo for the sprites and the Rainbow Road music, of course.

Lag? Play here:

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