How to be a Better Scratcher: Comments Part: 1

by StrikeM
See inside

Press the left and right arrow keys to move to the switch slide.
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Notes and Credits

Getting curated by @BasilAroma! Thank you! (I won't be here during the time I will be curated, so sorry if I answer your comments late.)
In the comments, use what you learned to make this project better
Important - The advertising comment was not a advertise.
Idea - 100% of me and Super Mario Maker
Music - Paper Mario Fight Song
Ideas by @StrikeM
Thanks to @kevin_eleven_1234 and @Will_Wam for being good commenters!
Also, one of the comments on the thumbnail was made by @CherryGirl66
The comment on the give tips page was made by @s-dbayer

Plz note that I put a plethora of work on this about I would not like it if you remixed or say this is a copy of a project. Thank and I hope you have a great day.

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