Four Clans RP Reincarnation Rules

by XCat
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1. Name change:
Lets just say Stonepaw (grey fur) died, and got reborn with brown fur and was named Marshpaw. (Only if the name relates to the colour.)

2. Personality change:
Let's just say lots of horrible things happen to the reincarnation, and their personality sort of changes, that's okay, as long as there's a decent reason.

Notes and Credits

(Hope you don't mind being the example, @lilypad1630)
GOOD EXAMPLE: (Robinwillow)
~ Had a good reason : "Was forced into her life."
~ Was reborn as Robinkit
~ Followed all the rules
BAD EXAMPLE: (This is completely made up, by the way)
~ Had a bad reason: "She died."
~ Was reborn as "Sparkkit"
~ Wasn't in StarClan for ten days
~ Etc.

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