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This is a tiny Minecraft for Scratch! For those who don't know, the point is to build things using the provided blocks. The image shown for this project is a mini-world I created. The long list of controls is as follows:

Q: Take a block away
E: Put the held block in place
Z: Re-align the block-placer - it sometimes goes out of place
X: Change the held block backwards
C: Change the held block forwards
WASD: Move the character
Arrow Keys: Move the block-placer

Sometimes, the sprites will get un-aligned so that when you hack away a block, it will get rid of the one to the right, not the proper one. This can be fixed by pressing Z.

I know this cannot compete with the real Minecraft, but there was only so much I can do. Once Scratch 2.0 comes out, it will have sprite cloning, so I will be able to make a bigger world, with sidescrolling.

If you notice a bug, please tell me in a comment. For example, I would want to know there was a certain block that the character passes through without stopping. Also, I know that you can hack the clouds away.

If you like this, please say so and enjoy!

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