Elem cat vs. The black hole core I

See inside

Buttons are compacted to allow maximum buttons Hover to un-compact.

Status guide:

Psn: drains a little hp per turn.
Drain: lose instead of gain SP before turns. Does not affect the wait move.
bless: 2x sp gain + over time heal.
null: status cannot change.(weakness: whirlwind,cure)
normal: no status in affect. This is the starting status.
Fire: like psn, but more damage.
Stun: Turn loss. Impossible to cure.

Notes and Credits

Music is from Glory of Heracles.

This battle is extremely hard. Luckily, you can't really lose. You have to stand by when you HP hits zero, however.
After standing by, your HP, SP, and status reset!

If at any time the opponent's SP hits 1000, YOU WILL DIE!

The please stand by screen was first used by @contest101-test
This screen happens if something really bad occurs. The bad event is then erased from history.

Elem cat is now a part of my cast, and will appear in many other projects.

Update: please stand by screen is less annoying.

I decided not to update this, sorry :(

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