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I'm not gonna be on the computer for summer. So I thought I'd leave an animation before I go.

I will redo Billy & Phil learn about PE or either finish it when I come back.

No, I'm not leaving today. The day I'm leaving is the day I don't respond to anything. Also, I'm not leaving forever, so don't forget about me. That'd just be awkward. xD

Oh yeah, for XSpearPillarX the recording are in this. Oh, and I'm not really good at screaming, sorry. ; - ;

I apoligize if there's any noise of overheating, that's my computer. Scratch program takes up a lot of whatever.

Oh, oh and I was wondering if you people wondered how I looked like so there's picture of me, so if you want to see how I look like, download it. Yes, I am making a funny face cause smiling hurts my cheeks. >3<

This is an idea I had when I had glasses that were usable.

the characters other than me are all random looking. But the things most of them will say are kind of based on people I know in real life. Heheheh, preferences. eue The person who says my glasses are floating is a person who metions about my broken glasses to me occasionally.
Wait not all of them are based on people I know in real life. Oh yeah, the other ones are my multiples. Cause I don't like designing random characters that I will never use again.

People, I am too hilarious, can you stop me from laughing at my own jokes? xD Heheheh. I kept laughing while recording. xD Pirate joke about shivering rear, goes to my sister, we were discussing pirates and she said something about a pirate shivering their bottom and I corrected her and said it was timbers, wasn't it? xD

I made everyone wear a blue shirt cause I can.
I kind of did not make the hair colors random, it's relatively close to the color of the person I based it ons own hair.

By the way, I am aware of the way I look. So you don't have to state anything. I can't fix the fixable things cause my family's too lazy to help me and will tease me. Anyways, it's better to look at a person's personality, than their appearance. C:

The paper magically poofed, yes. As planned.
And yes, that brown-haired guy is male me. Heheheheh, so many mes. It just makes me laugh about how uncreative my brain has gotten ahahahah.... /sulks in corner

This was very awkward to voice record, good thing I was alone. Heheheh.


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