Anne Frank Awareness MSP Auditions by j7 and d6

remixed by jd76
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Hi y'all it is both j7 and d6 here!
This is our audition for @ScarletAsh25888 's AWESOME MSP! Hopefully you guys like it as it is our first time singing on Scratch...
Anything we need to add or change please let us know Scarlet! We would love it if we were singers in the MSP! Ok so story time! This Anne Frank MSP reminded us of a song that we are singing in our advanced choir. The song is called: "Only When He Is Silent". This song is based on three sentences that were written on the walls by a little girl in a concentration camp. The lines are:
"I believe in the sun even when it's not shining
I believe in love even when I feel it not
I believe in God even when he is silent."
These lines were later found and a song was written called "Only When He is Silent". It's a really stunning piece that I think you guys should listen to and whenever the two of us sing it during practice, there are so many thoughts and emotions that we try to display with it. Just a thought for the day, guys. Think about those three lines. Just a small thought for the day.
Thanks! - j7 and d6

Notes and Credits (added by jd76)

Thank you to @ScarletAsh25888 for hosting this amazing MSP!
Backdrops are by @ScarletAsh25888
All other art and voices are by us (j7 and d6)
Thank you to Grace VanderWaal for composing these amazing songs!

Scarlet, (j7) has a note in there for you that you can hopefully check out in the project.

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