The Mysterious Ticking Noise

by isIand
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Notes and Credits

Happy Birthday Sis! ( @-BW-GamerGirl )
I hope you like this! It took a lot of effort to make, but it was fun too.
So a bit of backstory: The audio and inspiration from the project came from a video by the Harry Potter Puppet Pals that my sister and I watched when we were kids. My memories of it are a bit foggy, so this isn't perfect. We loooved this so much when we were younger that when I found the audio, I knew that I just had to recreate it.
Even if you don't know what Harry Potter is, this is still enjoyable. :) The whole thing is around 2 minutes long, and I encourage you to watch it all.

◎ Time: 10+ hours
♪ Audio: Original audio from Youtube, however I took it from a Scratch project.
✑ Font: Scratch
✎ Art and Code: @isiand
✲ Program: Scratch Vector Editor

Who is your favorite Harry Potter character?
Top Loved! :) 10.25.17.

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