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Thanks to @scratchmaster678 for curating this on November 4th(or I guess 3rd), 2017. It's my first ever front-page and it seems as if my effort put into this(which was about 2 days) made more "profit" than I expected :P

Yes, I understand that this probably wasn't the best noteblock song to curate and it needs many improvements, but hey, tell me how I can fix it, I'm up for improvement

30 views in literally just 10 minutes, wow, let's see how far this goes(this started at 67, which is pretty good honestly)

One day later, 1498 views, holy cow that's a lot of people... I won't be topping this for a while(but I do have something up my sleeve, heh heh heh)

(this is still getting views, huh)

Reached 100 loves May 16th, 2018, but check out my 2nd noteblock project instead, it's quite a bit better:

Notes and Credits

listen for none of that lag stuff here:


oh wait I did...

anyway this is what I used

if you don't have this game already just buy it you won't regret it

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