Lesson #2 In the Jungle XY Coordinates, Angles remix

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Objective - Students will learn
Problem Solving, XY Coordinates, Angles
Glide, Turn
Use xy coordinates to move sprites on the stage.
• Create an animation incorporating movement and images.
• Create an animation of a natural habitat.

Challenge Time 1!
1. Select 2 bird sprites. Be as creative as you can.
2. Choose a suitable backdrop.
3. Use the glide block to make the sprites move across the screen.
4. Change the glide time and see what happens.

Ultimate Challenge!
1. Select a jungle backdrop.
2. Select some jungle sprites.
3. Using different types of movement (left/right, up/down, glide, turn) create a jungle
4. Have a look at classmates projects. Tell them what you like and suggest ideas to
make their project even better!

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