Yoda Will sing

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Notes and Credits (added by OSTRTOD)

1000 follows it not even that hard

Also Lots of credit to QueenBub for making this code. Watch her project. The original was even better. What I did was change a bunch of the artwork and the thumbnail. Maybe about half the artwork is mine the rest is QueenBub's.

Art: @QueenBub and @OSTRTOD
Music: Bad Lip Reading
Coding:Mostly @QueenBub and a little @OSTRTOD

If we can get 15 hearts and 100 veiws on this I will make 5 new projects over time (or I will realease them on my one year day:
if you guys are incapable of loving and veiwing my project.)

1. Luke Skywalker's Problems
2. Vader's Immaturity
3. Obi Wan and the Journal
4. Chewy's Love Story
5. Solo and the Ninjas

All of these projects will be in the studio Star Wars Shorts.

Also I would like to give a second to the slatch revolution that has revolutionized us for the no good bad commenters out there.

Everybody thank you so much for watching every one of you counts. Look at my channel for other projects like this.

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