Super Mario Odyssey (nes) bryces dev

remixed by bryce_carrington
See inside

═════════════ • Instructions + Information • ═══════════
Left / Right Arrows= Move / Scroll Through Items At Crazy Cap
Up Arrow = Talk / Enter Crazy Cap
Down Arrow = Crouch
Enter = Pause
Spacebar = Brochure
Z = Select In Menu And Crazy Cap / Jump / Read Text / Resume
X = Throw Cappy As An Alternative Way To Collect The Coins In The Beginning Of The Level / Exit Crazy Cap

══════════════════ • Overview • ═════════════════
Super Mario Odyssey is a platform video game developed and published by Nintendo for the Nintendo Entertainment System home console. The game was first released in Japan and North America in 1985, and in Europe and Australia two years later. In Super Mario Odyssey, the player controls Mario and in a two-player game, a second player takes control of Cappy who can attack enemies independently of Mario as they travel across many worlds on their hat-shaped ship, the "Odyssey", in an effort to rescue Princess Toadstool from the antagonistic King Bowser, who plans to marry her.

═══════════════════ • Notes • ══════════════════
I took my Super Mario Bros. (NES) engine from my @Atari-Dude account, and modified it to replicate what a Super Mario Odyssey demo could be like if it were on the NES. I keep original hardware restrictions in mind, but I don't let it restrict my creativity... Take note that a lot of this fan game was created prior to E3 2017, so there won't be things like Mario's "Capture" ability. I already have art made for things like that, however, and I'm currently working on implementing it them into a future build of this game. But until then, you can see inside to take a look at what's to come, as there are a lot of as-of-yet unused assets stored away in there...

Notes and Credits (added by bryce_carrington)

i do not own this, this is made by @Homebrewer

i made this remix to fix some glitches.

fixed glitches
when you press pause then go in crazy cap

you can now take control of the electric box

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