Wandering Knight - World 1

See inside

Use the arrow keys to move.
[Z] - Select, interact, hit
[X] - Inventory

Notes and Credits

The ultimate goal of this project is to exit the forest.
Happy Thanksgiving!
Inspired by Legend of Zelda BOTW and Bear Hunter
Sound effects made with beepbox and bfxr and found on Youtube

From the tower, first go to the right as far as possible to open the chest with a sword inside.
Then follow the main path, until it splits.
Take the path to the golf greens.
Upon request of the man by the golf course, kill all the monsters on the golf course. the man will give you pants.
Give the pants to the woman further down the path. She will give you 200 coins.
Explore the world and find chests until you get 250 coins.
Near the main path, there is a detour to the axe shop.
Go to the axe shop to buy an axe for 250 coins.
Equip the axe by going to your inventory and selecting it.
Go to the exit gate, which is at the top of the world. Press Z to chop down the trees in front and walk out.

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