Trading Pillagers - WIP

See inside

This project is constantly updating, so don't be shocked if you notice something is wrong.

'P' to eat
'ASWD' to move
'S' to chop and pick up
'Q' to switch tools
'E' to craft
'1, 2, 3, 4' to scroll through items

This is the project where all the features and remixes will be mashed together into a full game

Notes and Credits

@Konradel - Most art and programming
@Magmatism - Programming
@CodyVic - Music, writing and ideas
@-RogueDan- - Music and feedback
@CitrusBadger - Thumbnail
@imagine_it - Art

Full game may include:
- Fewer bugs (check?)
- More food (check)
- Crafting (check)
- Mining (check)
- Fishing
- Day-night cycle
- Varied music
- Cooking (check)
- Intro (check)
- Health (check)
- Credits in-game (check)
- A boat system which makes you able to pillage and trade
- Two areas (check)
- Scrollable inventory (check)
- Berry bushes (check)
- Clouds (check)
- Trading (check?)
- More base building
- Animals (check)
- Visiting Traders (check)
- Character customization

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