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Have you ever wondered how horrible I was at playing the flute? Well here is a chance for you to hear me play the flute (yeah I'm horrible)!

Press the buttons to hear the songs you want to listen to. Remember that these songs don't loop (because I'm too lazy to do that coding). The duets were played with @CaTSCaTS___ on the violin (I was playing the flute) (we did a collab)! Comment down your favorite song! x'33

✿ Bb Major Scale (Concert B flat) [solo]
- It will be the Bb Major Scale on the piano
✿ Eb Major Scale (Concert E flat) [solo]
- It will be the Eb Major Scale on the piano (two octaves)
- it's slower because I had to play two octaves
✿ March Suite (from the Military Band)
- arranged version (easier)
✿ El Cid [solo]
- I edited it a bit, so there were no rests (for multiple measures)
✿ As Winds Dance
- Um.. you can sing: Ta Ta Get me out of here (mhm sounds great)
- it was so hard, we had to do it many times

If you think we made a mistake, or how you didn't like the song because we changed it, then please just know that we tried to make it sound better for you. This took a long time (within a day), and it was so much fun! x'33

Thanks for all of the positive comments! x'33 Do you think @CaTSCaTS___ and I should do another collab together? (yeah and then I drag her over to my house and go like; WE'RE DOING ANOTHER COLLAB! LET'S GET OVER WITH THE HOMEWORK!)

Notes and Credits

Thanks to @scratchmaster678 for curating this project! <33

Agh! Thank you so much @CaTSCaTS___! This was an amazing collab! You played so well in the duets I had with you! Thank you so much for listening to me when I conducted you in some pieces and thank you for being an awesome violin player! x'33 You are awesome! I know it must've been really hard to read flute music when playing the violin, it must be pretty difficult for you... but you did awesomely!

Thanks to Google for the font on the thumbnail (font: Finger Paint) and thanks to my laptop for having a microphone! x'33
Please check out @CaTSCaTS___! She's amazing!
#flute #violin #duets ^^
@DestCaTS - our shared account, and collab account ;D

Oh yeah, and don't forget to thank the amazing studios this project is in O.O (mhm).

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