Portal 2 has stolen my life 8I

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I would obsess over it, but it just came out and I don't want to spoil and I won and I love Wheatley through the whole game omgsh the ending makes me almost cry every time I see it cuz I'm stupid.

press space to see my drawing of Wheatley

The song is Cara Mia, sung by GLaDOS's voice actor and I'll say nothing more about that. Apparantly she's an operatic soprano and this is how she normally sings... YAY ITALIAN ARIA!!!

Oh, and be carful, there are spoilers in the comments :S

EDIT: Animated it 'cuz I was bored XD

8-9-11: WaiWaiWai wait. WHY was this featured!? XD

NOTE: Okay, those of you who say Caroline is Chell's mother-- SHE'S NOT. According to the timeline, Chell would be too old if that was the case. If Chell's design was still Portal 1 Chell's design, THEN it would be right, but they changed it.

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