Speed [100% Pen]

See inside

                                        Arrow keys to move
                                                 Avoid blue

Notes and Credits

       Thanks so much for all the support! You guys are awesome!!

                                      My first all-pen game!!

                                Music: TheFatRat - Time Lapse

10/23/17 - Something's wrong with the cloud variables... (reset+debugged)
10/11/17 - 1K loves!! I have no words..... (oh yeah, also made it easier. :)
10/9/17 - Thanks to @476627 for suggesting this project to be featured!! Thanks to the Scratch Team for making my dreams come                                                   true!!
                                        10/4/17 - Hello World!
                                           Beta-testing team:

                                 I would also like to thank...
                @griffpatch for the speed filling algorithm concept,
                   @Blue-Monkey for the pen transparency block,
            and my friend @EngineeredAnt for recommending music!

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