Five Nights in The Robot Factory (fixed)

remixed by victini_flare5
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You've chosen the job, now you must last through it. Can you survive Five Nights in The Robot Factory? Good luck...
Instructions: Space key is an important button in the game, so use it when nothing seems to work. The bottom button flips up your camera monitor. The right one let's you turn around.
--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------How to beat the Endoskeleton: He moves when he thinks you've forgotten about him. Every once in a while look behind you to make him stop coming towards you, it won't be long before he will attempt to move again... He can not reset his position...
How to beat the Prototype: He's just like any other animatronic, he likes to move when he wants, but there's the trick. He will go to camera 5, and bang on the oxygen tank, depleting you're oxygen meter. As you can tell, oxygen is VERY important, so click "mend pipes" to repair the pipes fully, for every second, for forty seconds.
He will come to your door, to tell if he's there, an alarm will sound and the light above your door will go red, wait until it returns green, then open the door.
Unknown: Extras Menu

Notes and Credits (added by victini_flare5)

A few wrong bugs fixed, Prototype won't appear on the window unless you closed your camera, no mysterious horns in a few nights

thats what I fixed think so I havn't checked it

----------------------------story--------------------------------------------------------- you are the night guard for a group of week days in a week and protect Prototype robot and an endoskeleton from thieves, but these robots are alive and they are a lot of news about murdered night guards you might surrvive and know whats happening

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